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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Boise Idaho Photographer | 2014 Giveaway!

Who doesn't love free stuff!? I'm SO excited to share this Giveaway with all of you! I have updated some of the information on how to comment and complete your entries. Hopefully that will iron out all of the kinks! 

So.... Here's how it works!

Starting today you will have the opportunity to enter to WIN [First Prize] a Free Photo Session or [Second Prize] 50% OFF a session with me in the Boise Idaho Area!

Lets get right down to it!

How to enter!

There are many different opportunities to enter!

1. LIKE to the Annelise Woodward Photography Facebook page! [Link HERE] If you've already liked it, just say so when you comment and it will count as one entry!

2. SHARE my Facebook page and the information for this Giveaway with all of your friends on your Facebook page or blog! [Link HERE]

3. FOLLOW the new Annelise Woodward Photography Instagram Page! [Link HERE
Once there, check out my latest post for another opportunity to enter. It's special to those who follow me on Instagram! 

4. This is a big one! Anyone can enter for you! Have your friends and family Like, Share & Follow Annelise Woodward Photography on Facebook and on Instagram! Then have them Comment with Your Name & the things they did to enter on your behalf! 

LAST STEP! Once you have done one or all of the above, comment the Annelise Woodward Photography FACEBOOK PAGE with your Name or the name of the person you are entering for followed by a quick explanation of the things you did! 
Example, "I liked, shared, and followed Annelise Woodward Photography! Pick Me!"

UPDATED INFORMATION | Previously I asked that you comment on This Post... Unfortunately comments have not been coming through. For that reason, I am changing that to make it easier for all of you. NOW I ask that you PLEASE comment on the Annelise Woodward Photography FACEBOOK PAGE in order for your entries to count!

The Giveaway will CLOSE at 6 pm MST, Sunday June 15th
The Winners (who will be randomly selected) will be announced the following morning, Monday June 16th HERE on my Blog & on my Facebook Page

IMPORTANT TO NOTE! The Winners will have till the morning of Monday June 23, 2014 to contact me by EMAIL to claim their prize! If the winner(s) have not contacted me by then, an alternate winner will be randomly selected. 


As an added perk... there will be TWO Winners! 

First Prize | A Free Photo Session with Annelise Woodward Photography! [The details can be found in the image seen above!] This session must be used by August 16th, 2014!

Second Prize | 50% OFF a session with Annelise Woodward Photography!  [excludes all wedding packages] This special prize can be used any time between June 16th & November 31, 2014!

I hope you're all as excited as me! Lets get this thing started!!!!!

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