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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Idaho Artist | Handmade | Utah

Those of you following me on Facebook and Instagram may have seen some sneak peaks of this "little" project! Last month I made two of these beauties for my own home, one of Idaho (the place I currently call home) and one of Alberta (my first home). The interest in them was phenomenal and because I love making them so much, I decided to take custom orders! Amberly of Life With Amberly & Joe put in an order right away! I'm pretty excited by the color of the string [which sadly isn't perfectly represented in any of the photos I've tried to take] as well as the amazing tones of the salvaged wood! Utah isn't the most elaborate shaped State but it still looks pretty fantastic if I do say so myself! 

My Etsy page will be up soon but until then, if you're interested in placing a custom order, contact me at annelisewoodward@gmail.com! 

Each board is made by hand, from salvaged wood making each one completely unique! You can customize your design by choosing the color of thread you desire as well as the location you call home! 

Annelise Woodward © 2014
Annelise Woodward © 2014

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