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Monday, February 2, 2015

State String Art - Custom Orders!

This past week Amberly of A Prioritized Marriage shared the custom String Art I created for her and her hubby. Along with images of her newly remodeled living room with the string art as a center piece, Amberly shared a little about me and my process!

If you haven’t seen her post, check it out HERE!
Utah String Art By Annelise Woodward
Here are a couple of photos of Amberly's custom work of art!
Utah String Art By Annelise Woodward


Currently I am taking direct order only, but in the near future will have the option for you to purchase through my very own shop.
For ALL of the information on size, color options, design, price, etc, contact me by email at annelisewoodward@gmail.com!
I like to communicate one on one with each of you to give you the best custom product I can!

As you’ll see from these photos, I love making state string art, custom for each customer with state, location, and color. But, that is not the end to my customizing. If there’s something you want, there’s a chance that I’ll make it! Just ask!

Idaho String Art By Annelise Woodward

Seattle Seahawks String Art By Annelise Woodward
Seattle Seahawks String Art By Annelise Woodward
Connecticut String Art By Annelise Woodward
Texas String Art By Annelise Woodward

So you don’t miss it… Here are my answers to Amberly’s questions.

How did you get started on this adventure with your business?
I've always been an artsy person. My first love is photography which I immersed myself in for many years. After obtaining a Fine Art Degree and branching out into other forms of art, I realized that I love making things with my hands! Any opportunity I have to use power tools, I take it! My passion for beautiful rustic wood and driving my husband crazy with the sound of a hammer led me eto begin making fun signs and string art!

What makes you so passionate about what you do and what you sell?
Although it may seem silly, each time I hear the excited responses from a client or customer, I become extremely excited myself! This is a huge motivator for me. In addition to that, some unexpected life trials have added to that motivation.
Several years ago my husband and I learned that we have several infertility factors preventing us from becoming parents. The realization that our desire to become parents was suddenly very dependent on finances and assistance from modern day medicine led me to put my passion for creating to work!

Tell me what makes your business/product unique?
Each of my products is hand made by me from start to finish. Although I can't take credit for growing the trees, weaving the thread or forging the nails, I'll take credit or rather responsibility for the rest. :-D With each of my products, I take care to make them something special and do my very best to make them exceptional handmade piece of artwork with each customer in mind! Many people out there make signs, string art, and other home decor that is fantastic, but with my work, I focus on fantastic as well as quality! I want you to fall in love with what I create for you, each and every time you look at it!

What is one thing you want everyone to know about your business?
Each piece of string art is custom made for each client! You pick your color, state and specific location and I will make it for you. If you're looking for something even more specific, inquire with me and I will do my best to create it for you!
Currently I am taking direct order only, but in the near future will have the option for you to purchase through my very own shop.
The proceeds from each of my products go towards mine and my husband's goal of becoming parents!

To see my work in progress' as well as more of my finish products as they're complete, FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Idaho Newborn Photographer | Markley

This little girl made her arrival in October! I had the privilege of spending an afternoon with her at only 3 days old! 
Annelise Woodward © 2015 
Annelise Woodward © 2015 
Annelise Woodward © 2015

Idaho Senior Photographer | Danielle

It's a New Year... which you may have noticed. :-) I've been busy with lots of other projects as well as a month long break following a surgery. This your I'll be changing up this page and pulling it away from just photography (No worries,,, I'll still be posting some of that on here too!) Having a very crafty side as well as a Fine Art degree I've decided to share more of my DIY projects as well as some of my "creations" up for sale! 

Before my break from photography for the month of December I had the opportunity to hang out with this beautiful girl! Here are some of the photos from my Senior Photo Session with Danielle!
Annelise Woodward © 2015
Annelise Woodward © 2015
Annelise Woodward © 2015
Annelise Woodward © 2015